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Considered one of the most outstanding Stephen Curry rookie cards in existence, this 2009 National Treasures rookie card features an incredibly rare three-color letter jersey patch, a bold blue autograph and exceptionally high grades across the board. Graded a 9.5 and 10 autograph by BGS, with elite subgrades that boast three 9.5s and one 10. According to PWCC, this “National Treasures RPA is the undoubted king of high profile modern rookie productions” and Curry has proven to be one of the most collectible and investable modern athletes of our time.


Many analysts consider Curry to be the greatest shooter in NBA history and he is credited with revolutionizing the way modern basketball is played. He has been referred to as the “Michael Jordan of the three-point era,” pointing out that he did for the three-point shot what Jordan did for the dunk. Curry has been named a 7x NBA All-Star, 2 time NBA MVP and has won 3 NBA Championships with the Warriors. His 2015-16 NBA MVP Award was the first time in the history of the award that there had been a unanimous vote. CBS Sports ranked Curry #19 in their list of the 50 Greatest NBA Players of All Time and Sports Illustrated ranked him #3 behind Kevin Durant and LeBron James on their Top 100 NBA Players of 2019 list. Curry will go down as the most prolific three-point shooter in league history, having set and broken the single season three-point record 3 times with season totals of 272 (12-13), 286 (14-15), and 402 (15-16).


● Considered one of the most outstanding Stephen Curry rookie cards in existence, the asset features an incredibly rare three-color letter segment patch of the Curry’s jersey along with a bold autograph.
● Graded 9.5 with a bold blue 10 autograph by BGS. Featuring three 9.5 subframes and one 10, this Rookie Patch Autograph is considered a “true gem plus”. There are only 2 copies graded higher in existence.
●According to PWCC, “The National Treasures RPA is the undoubted king of high profile modern rookie productions…the base issue /99 Curry RPA is easily the crown jewel from the 2009 production run.”
● National Treasures Basketball is widely considered one of the premier NBA Products on the market, featuring premium rookie patch autograph cards numbered to 99 or less. Due to the thick card construction they are susceptible to corner and edge damage, making high graded examples extremely sought after.
● On December 13th of 2020, another graded 9.5 copy of the card (graded a minimum gem with three 9.5 subgrades and one 9 sub grade) sold via Goldin Auctions for $451,200. A graded 9.5 version numbered /3 sold for $960,000 via Goldin Auctions on January 31st 2021.
●Collectable IPO’d a basket of Stephen Curry rookie cards in September 2020. The basket was exited when shareholders accepted a buyout offer for a 75% premium within a few months after IPO.
●The consignor retained $45,000 of equity in the offering.
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Stephen Curry
'09 NT RPA BGS 9.5

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