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A special offering containing two (2) Roberto Clemente '56 Topps PSA 9 cards - one gray back and one white back. The 1956 Topps baseball set is considered one of the most beloved and visually appealing sets of all time. In terms of his impact on baseball and society, Roberto Clemente’s name should be mentioned right alongside Jackie Robinson’s, cementing his legacy and his collectibility.


In terms of his impact on baseball and society, Roberto Clemente’s name should be mentioned right alongside Jackie Robinson’s. The first Latin-American baseball superstar, Clemente banged out exactly 3,000 career hits, making him one of just the 32 Major Leaguers to join the 3,000-hit club. Clemente was so understated and humble that it’s often forgotten just how good he was: We’re talking 15 All-Star appearances, 12 Gold Gloves, a regular season MVP Award, a World Series MVP Award, and the eternal adoration of Pittsburgh Pirates fans everywhere. Known by the moniker Sweetness, Clemente did more than his fair share of charitable work, most notably arranging aid for a 1972 earthquake in Nicaragua. On December 31, 1972, Clemente was killed in a tragic plane crash. Due to the circumstances of his death, the Baseball Writers Association of America waived the five-year waiting period, and elected him to the Hall of Fame in 1973.


This offering contains two (2) Roberto Clemente 1956 Topps PSA 9 cards, one “Gray Back” and one “White Back”.
Graded PSA 9, the 1956 Topps Clemente Gray Back is one of 8 to have received that grade out of 1,261 examples, with ONE graded higher.
Graded PSA 9, the 1956 Topps Clemente White Back is one of 17 to have received that grade out of 3,917 examples, with NONE graded higher.
The 1956 Topps Baseball set is considered one of the most beloved and visually appealing sets of all time. Packed with talent, star players included Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, Ernie Banks, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Bob Feller and Whitey Ford.
According to PSA, “The 1956 Topps baseball card set released during that memorable campaign perfectly mirrors the national pastime of that age. Even now these pasteboard images are a time capsule of their day.The 1956 baseball season was one for the ages. Thrilling pennant races, exciting personal achievements and a sparkling World Series gem caught the nation up in diamond-mania.”
Cards #1-180 in this set can be found with either White or Gray cardboard backs, with collectors leaning towards gray backs for cards 1-100 and white backs for cards 101-180 according to PSA.
The consignor is retaining $50,000 of equity in the offering.
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Roberto Clemente
'56 Topps Basket PSA 9 - 2X

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