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A jaw dropping offering, Collectable is proud to present one of the greatest Patrick Mahomes rookie cards in existence - a 1/1 Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph ‘Laundry Tag’ parallel. Its sister card, the Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph NFL Shield 1/1, sold for a record breaking $4.3m last week, becoming the single most expensive football card ever sold. Slabbed Authentic with a perfect 10 autograph grade from PSA, this offering is both a thrilling collectible item and widely considered one of the most blue chip modern football assets in existence.


Patrick Mahomes is a superstar quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes was the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft out of Texas Tech University. He has compiled an impressive array of accolades since: Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, NFL Most Valuable Player, 2x Pro Bowler, and First Team All-Pro Bowl selection. In 2020, Mahomes signed the single biggest contract in the history of North American sports and professional sports at large. Mahomes holds numerous NFL records, including: Most consecutive 300-plus passing yard games, fastest player to 4,000 passing yards and 40+ touchdown passes, fastest player to 7,500 career passing yards, and Highest Passer Rating among QBs with 1,000+ passing yards.


Considered one of the key rookie cards for Patrick Mahomes, one of the most electrifying players in the National Football League.
Jesse Craig, Director of Business Development at PWCC, said: “This 1/1 Laundry Tag offering on Collectable is easily one of the most desired Mahomes cards in existence. Investors have targeted rare trading cards as must have assets. Similar to fine art, they are paying what’s necessary to acquire them as the supply doesn’t nearly match the demand. Mahomes is the heir apparent to Tom Brady and his desirability from an investor perspective is through the roof.”
Its sister card, the Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph ‘NFL Shield’ 1/1, sold for a record breaking $4.3m last week, becoming the single most expensive football card ever sold. The difference between Collectable’s offering and the record breaking asset is the uniform patch on the card - our version shows the NFL shield, the iconic Nike swoosh and the size ’56 identifier; whereas the record sale featured the NFL shield logo from the jersey.
Panini National Treasures is the NFL’s ultra high end trading card product and contains Rookie Patch Autograph cards widely considered the premier rookie cards across all NFL trading card products.
Graded an “Authentic” by PSA, sports collectibles’ leading grading agency.
There are just three 1/1 versions of Mahomes’ most coveted rookie card - the Panini National Treasures RPA - in existence. This offering is one of them.
The enclosed player-worn material and autograph are guaranteed by Panini America.
In January 2021 the previous high water mark for a Mahomes card was set when Goldin Auctions sold the Black Rookie Patch Autograph parallel, serial number 1/5, for $840,000.
Asked about his card fetching $4.3M, Mahomes had the following to say, “They’ve definitely used it as an investment and I’m sure they’ll sell it later for more money…it shows that that business has been growing forever. I remember collecting cards as a little kid with my dad and to see how it’s really blown up these days … it really is a cool thing to see, especially when it has your name on it.”
The consignor is retaining $255,000 of retained equity in the offering.
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Patrick Mahomes
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