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Considered one of the most stunning and significant modern basketball cards on the market, this LeBron James 2004-2005 Exquisite Collection Emblems of Endorsement checks all the boxes in an investment grade collectible: scarcity, high grade, and highly investable underlying athlete. Graded a BGS 9 Mint, this card represents the highest graded out of the 10 LeBron James’ 2004-2005 Exquisite Collection Emblems of Endorsement produced.


LeBron James is frequently discussed as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and certainly one of America’s most influential and popular athletes of his generation. James has won three NBA championships, three NBA Finals MVP awards, and four NBA’s Most Valuable Player awards while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. James is the three-time AP Athlete of the Year and two-time Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year. After winning two championships with the Heat, LeBron triumphantly returned to the Cavaliers and brought the city of Cleveland its first major professional sports championship since 1964, and the first-ever championship won by the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise.


The LeBron James 2004-2005 Exquisite Collection Emblems of Endorsement is considered one of the most significant modern basketball cards featuring one of basketball’s most celebrated and accomplished players of all time, LeBron James. When you think of holy grail type LeBron James cards, this Emblems of Endorsement card is on the short list of must-own.
The card received the following grades: BGS Mint 9. Subgrades are 9.5, 8.5, 9, 9. Autograph 10.
Out of serial numbered to 10 produced, this is the highest grade - a Pop 1 BGS 9. The only other serial Emblems LeBron 2004 graded a BGS 8/10.
Emblems of Endorsement is one of Exquisite’s most desirable subsets – extremely rare and iconic, 2003 was the first year, with 15 made of each that year. The 2004 run was more limited – with 10 made of each player included.
Kobe Bryant 2004 Numbered pieces sold via Goldin Auction in 2020 include a BGS 8.5 8.5/10 for $173,430 and a BGS 7/10 for $136,530 in December 2020. LeBron James cards tend to sell at a premium to Kobe Bryant, all else equal. In addition, a LeBron James 2004 Auto Patch 1/1 sold in July 2020 for $240,000. LeBron James cards are up 50-100% in some cases since then.
A LeBron James Rookie Patch Auto Parallel numbered to 23 and graded BGS 9 sold for a record breaking $5.2 million, the highest price for a basketball card ever.
The consignor is retaining $100,000 of equity in the offering.
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LeBron James
'04 Exquisite Emblems of Endorsement BGS 9

$15.00 / share
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