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A one-of-a-kind, historic memento commemorating Jackie Robinson’s 1949 MVP season. From the famed Sports Immortals collection, Collectable is proud to present a signed Jackie Robinson Model Game Bat with Robinson’s 1949 statistics stenciled on the bat by legendary collector Harry Evans. Autographed Jackie Robinson memorabilia is highly coveted, particularly ones from the prime of his playing career. Robinson’s cultural and historical significance cannot be overstated - making his collectibles some of the most desired in the hobby.
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Jackie Robinson is not just a baseball hero, but an American hero. As a pioneer who broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947, he raised hopes and opportunities for the second half of the 20th century. Robinson was a central figure in the Brooklyn Dodgers’ National League Dynasty, playing in six World Series and taking the borough’s only title in 1955. He finished his illustrious and historic career with the following accolades: 6x All Star (1949-1954), NL MVP (1949), MLB Rookie of the Year (1947), NL Batting Champion (1949), 2x NL stolen base leader (1947, 1949). His jersey number 42 is retired by all MLB teams. In addition, Robinson was selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Major League Baseball All-Century Team.


Jackie Robinson signed this Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger bat from 1950 to commemorate his best season in 1949 when he won the Most Valuable Player Award and the NL batting championship. Legendary collector Harry D. Evans neatly stenciled in Robinson’s statistics from 1949 after acquiring the bat from H&B in 1950.
Above Robinson’s signature, Evans’ neatly stenciled statistics bring Robinson’s epic MVP 1949 season to life. Robinson won the batting title with his .342 batting average, while stroking 203 hits with 124 RBI and 16 home runs. But there are other highlights, too. Evans notes that Robinson played in 156 games, swiped 37 bases (leading the National League and restoring stealing to the game), walked 86 times, and struck out only 27 times.
Robinson signed the bat in a prominent location beneath the stenciled stats from his 1949 season. The autograph was verified by James Spence Authentication (JSA), a prominent third party grader, and given a high grade of 7 on a scale one to 10.
Harry Evans was close to Connie Mack, the grand old man of baseball, and had great access to meeting the players in the dugout or on the field. After each season, he purchased professional model bats of each player who won the batting titles during the previous season. Evans carefully wrote each player’s stats on one side of the barrel before getting them signed by the players.
Autographed Jackie Robison memorabilia is some of the most desirable in the collecting industry, particularly that from the prime of his playing career. In 2018, Heritage Auctions sold a single signed baseball from the 1960s, long after he retired, for $78,000. In 2017, Heritage Auctions sold an autographed Robinson baseball for $96,000. In 2016, Christies sold a signed Jackie Robinson game used bat for $296,000. These are the only two signed Robinson bats publicly recorded, and this particular stenciled example is certainly one of a kind. In addition, Robinson’s baseball cards have skyrocketed in value. For example, over the past two years, well centered examples of his Leaf “rookie” card in PSA 7 near mint condition have doubled in value, from $19,000 to $38,000.
Sports Immortals is retaining $38,250 in equity in the offering.
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This asset trades every weekday between 3pm-4pm EST. Investors can place bids and asks in "Post Only" mode at all other times.
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Jackie Robinson
Signed Model Bat '49 MVP Season

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