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In honor of MLB Opening Day, Collectable presents a doubleheader IPO featuring two stars from the Dodgers 2020 World Series Championship. Corey Seager forever sealed his legacy in the hearts and minds of Dodgers fans everywhere by winning both the NLCS and World Series MVP awards in 2020. His collectibility has also followed suit. This offering represents a basket of 2 (two) of the most coveted Seager rookie cards - 2012 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractors - both graded BGS 9.5.


One of the best young players in baseball, Corey Seager has entrenched himself at the Shortstop position for the Los Angeles Dodgers, leading them to the 2020 World Series Championship and winning the World Series MVP. Seager made his MLB debut in 2015 and was named the 2016 National League Rookie of the Year and made the All-Star team in both his first and second seasons as well as the 2016 and 2017 Silver Slugger. One of the better hitting Shortstops in recent memory, Seager averages 26 home runs, 92 RBI and a .295 batting average over a 162 game season.


The offering represents two of the most coveted Corey Seager rookie cards, with orange refractor outlines. Seager’s profile and collectibility continues to skyrocket following his NLCS & World Series MVP awards in 2020.
This offering is made up of 2 (two) BGS 9.5 Orange Refractors. Next to the Superfractor (#/1) and Red (#/5), the Orange (#/25) is the most sought after variation of Seager’s rookie card.
The card have the following subgrades: Card #1 has subgrades of 9.5 centering, 10 edges, 9.5 corners and 9 surface. Card #2 has subgrades of 9.5 centering, 10 edges, 9 corners and 9.5 surface.
There are 23 examples to receive a 9.5 grade with only 1 graded higher out of 29 total graded examples. Of the 23 to receive a 9.5, only 6 received all 9.5 subgrades or better.
A 2012 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor Corey Seager BGS 9.5 rookie card sold for $9,700 in March 2021.
Prospect Autographs with the “1st Bowman” designation are considered to be the premier modern baseball rookie card, consistently fetching the highest recorded sale prices, with Mike Trout’s 1st Bowman Superfractor 1/1 selling for $3.94 Million in August of 2020.
Investors are limited to $200 worth of shares (20 shares) for the first 15 minutes. Investors are limited to $1,500 worth of shares (150 shares) for the next 45 minutes. Share cap lifted at 2pm EST.
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Corey Seager
Orange Refractor RC Basket - 2x

$6.00 / share
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